Applications will be available at Registration, Information, and Zamesta Cosplay's booth and are due at Pre-Judging! (Zamesta Cosplay will also have a limited supply of cosplay repair tools available at their booth for those costume emergencies. No tools that require being plugged in and any items with fumes will need to be take outside to use out of respect for other attendees)


Kids (1st, 2nd, and 3rd place awards)

Adult (1st. 2nd, and 3rd place awards)

Best Incorporated Mask (mask must fit BritCon's Covid-19 guidelines to be eligible for this award)

Judging will be based on your workmanship and your skill level will be taken into account.

All cosplayers are welcome in the Masquerade! Unless we have to cut for time ALL cosplayers are welcome. You need not have made your costume to participate, only to win awards (if you do not make your costume, but you make your mask, you are still eligible for that award).


Lady M

Lady M and Count Rostov are two of our amazing guests this year at BritCon and we are lucky to have them as judges in the Masquerade!

Count Rostov

Both are skilled in creating Beautiful Steampunk costumes and props! To read more about them visit their guest pages here!

Lady M

Count Rostov

Davonna (aka lady red) started cosplaying in 1999 at Anime Central. Since then she gained more skills over the years and does everything from sewing, and alterations to making accessories and props. She has been involved with cosplay and masquerades at conventions in Chicago, Toronto, Victoria, Seattle, Tacoma, Vancouver and even Dragon Con. She loves a challenge and that cosplay involves picking up new things to learn. Sometimes it’s 3D printing a prop and adding lights, sometimes it’s sewing a corset and ballgown and sometimes it’s even metalwork and jewelry making. She also enjoys being creative with others, leading classes and workshops as well as doing commissions and collaborating with other cosplayers.