JAKe Detonator

JAKe is a UK graphic artist and designer. Although his work has appeared on record sleeves, posters, as toys, and in animated form, his work for Lucasfilm Ltd. has mainly been for merchandise, for both the Star Wars and Indiana Jones franchises.

He has three Star Wars books published by Chronicle -How to Speak Wookie and How to Speak Droid with R2-D2 and How to Speak Astromech with BB-8.

Providing cover art for the Titan Comics Doctor Who comic book range, JAKe has also illustrated for the UK cult comedy The Mighty Boosh, and wrote and illustrated the graphic novel Hellraisers.

He is also the creator and director of Geekboy, a series of animated shorts which appeared on the UK Sci Fi channel, in which the title character meets notable science fiction icons including Darth Vader.

Away from the world for cult TV and films, JAKe has also illustrated a number of music performers including Daft Punk and Massive Attack, and is active in the UK music scene, providing cover art for a number of hip hop performers, as well as being a DJ in his own right.

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