Lady M (The Gin Lady)

Celebrate British Steampunk with British Steampunk Nobility!

Lady M, along with her husband Count Rostov, add a whole new dimension to BritCon's programming!

Get Crafty with Make and Take Steampunk Jewelry (including some with Doctor Who themes)!

Experience Tea Dueling!

Attend a panel on steampunk costume creation, props and embellishments, plus insight on Steampunk in the UK!

Discover the Science of the Perfect Afternoon Tea!

All with Lady M as your guide!


What could be any more British than a long Gin & Tonic on a summers evening?

Lady M is also known as The Gin Lady. This lady loves gin- it's her passion- and she currently houses a private collection well in excess of 200 bottles from around the world. Since starting work as an events ambassador for Hendricks over 10 years ago, she has immersed herself in all things with a juniper twist. Her background as a professional pastry chef has helped guide her passion on a culinary journey, to discover great recipes and tips for cooking with gin, whilst never spilling a drop!

But where did Gin originate, and why do the Brits love it so much? The Gin Lady will offer a guided tour through the history of gin!