BritCon 2022 Members Guide


All BritCon attendees are required to complete an online registration process before receiving a membership badge. Membership forms are digital, and are completed and signed through the BritCon registration website/database. Signing the membership form indicates that the attendee understands the rules of conduct as listed in this document and posted in the policies manual (available on our website ( and agree to abide by them. Children (12 and under) receive a free membership when attending with their parent or guardian; their membership is linked to an adult’s registration.


Membership to BritCon includes:

• Right to attend the convention

• Convention badge

• Convention-based documents


Every member receives a convention badge. The badge must be displayed to enter convention space. The badge is the property of the convention until the convention is over. Anyone who cannot produce a current membership badge upon request will be asked to leave convention space.


A paid full weekend membership is valid from the point when the member checks in until the close of the convention.

A day membership is valid from the point when the member checks in until the opening of Registration on the following day, or (for Sunday memberships) until the close of the convention weekend. Day memberships may only be purchased after the opening of Registration on the day to which they apply.


A minor as defined by the State of Washington must have a parent, legal guardian, or individual designated by the parent or legal guardian who is on-site when the minor is onsite. Parent or legal guardian must be A MEMBER OF THE CONVENTION.

If the parent or legal guardian will not be on site during the convention the parent or legal guardian must designate a person who will be on site and responsible for the minor. The designee must be A MEMBER OF THE CONVENTION.


Registration logs a member’s real name, mailing address, and age. If the member is preregistered, Registration shall verify the information with the member.

Members must show legal photo identification.

By registering, members agree to abide by the convention rules and guidelines. The text of the rules and guidelines will be printed in the membership guide and on the website.


Valid forms of payment are cash (in U.S. funds), checks (prior to the convention), postal money orders, MasterCard, and Visa.

Checks are not accepted as a form of payment at the convention. A check returned for NSF (insufficient funds) or closed account may be charged a fee up to the legal limit.


A paid full weekend membership to BritCon is transferable to another person if it has not been retrieved from registration.

A member may transfer their membership to another person by submitting a written request specifying the name and address of both parties and signed by both parties.

● If a membership goes unused the year it is issued, it is forfeit.


There shall be a replacement fee for lost badges.

If a member loses their badge, they are encouraged to search everywhere before a new badge is issued.

To allow members to search throughout the convention space, the Head of Registration may issue a two-hour temporary pass.

If a replacement badge is purchased, and the member locates the original badge, a refund for the replacement fee may be issued. The member needs to bring both badges and the receipt for the replacement badge to the Registration Department Head.


A partial membership (such as a one-day membership or press pass) may be upgraded to a full membership or VIP (if available). The member pays the difference and surrenders the original badge for replacement.


Members who are a “no show” may request to have their convention badge and publications mailed to them. If there are any “goodies” left, they may be included at the discretion of the Registration Department Head.


BritCon reserves the right to refuse or withdraw membership for any reason at any time.


“Harassment” is any behavior that focuses unwelcome attention on a person and either inappropriately crosses reasonable expectations of social boundaries or continues after a clear showing of disinterest or a request to desist.

This includes making any unwanted physical contact, following someone around a public area without a legitimate reason, or threatening to physically attack someone. Please remember that if you approach someone and they tell you “No” or to leave them alone, your business with them is done. If you do not leave them alone as they have requested, your actions may be grounds for a complaint of harassment.

If you feel that you are being harassed, or you have been assaulted, please report the matter

immediately to event staff.

Harassment reports at the convention are handled by BritCon’s Manager On Duty (MOD). Any staff member wearing a convention badge may receive a harassment report. It is each staff member’s responsibility to treat a person making such a report with respect, and offer to accompany the person to the Convention Office. The MOD may designate a person to receive a harassment report on their behalf.

Violation of this policy may lead to a range of consequences based on the circumstances, from a warning to more serious steps such as revocation of convention membership without a refund, banning from future conventions, and/or reporting the incident to the authorities.

Convention staff are required to report all incidents brought to their attention to the MOD or Chair as soon as possible.


Public areas are defined as any area which a non-convention member can freely enter. Convention areas are defined as any area (including panels) that are only accessible by members.

Attendees of the convention are considered to have given permission to have their photos taken in large group settings (especially if they are in costume or performing in convention or public areas).

Photographers must comply with all posted or announced restrictions about photographing guests, members, or performers.

Photography Guidelines:

o Be respectful.

o Confirm your subject knows that you are taking their picture and does not mind having their picture taken.

o Keep hallways clear. o No photography in areas which have “no photography” signs.

o No photography during events which have “no photography” signs.

o No flash photography during any event in a room which has lighting that is dimmed or turned off.


BritCon reserve the right to inspect and reject any weapon at any time. Violation of this policy in part or in whole may lead to an attendee’s removal from the convention by the MOD and from the hotel by hotel security or local authorities.

This policy includes all real and replica weapons of any type that may be construed as projectile, bladed, pointed, or blunt weapons.

Peace-bonding will be available during open Info Table hours, or in the office when the Info Table is closed.

Peace-bonding is required on all weapons worn or carried on the hotel property, including parking areas and indoor spaces. The only type of peace-bonding allowed is the type provided by the convention. Fashion-coordinated substitutes are not allowed.

o NO unsheathed weapon will be allowed in ANY public space (unless approved in advance for a Masquerade or programming event, in which case bonding ties will be removed for the event and replaced immediately afterward).

o All bladed and/or pointed weapons will be appropriately covered in all public areas and function spaces. This includes, but is not limited to, daggers, swords, pikes, axes, and polearms, regardless if they are made of steel, plastic, or any other hard material.

o Polearms, spears, staves and other such weapons shall be kept upright at all times and have weapon heads sheathed and bonded. The ends of these weapons must never project more than 12 inches from the bearer’s body.

o Weapons that are never allowed: tasers and batons, real guns, pepper spray, crossbows, slingshots, pellet guns, water pistols, blowguns, catapults, or any type of functioning projectile weapon.


o “Nerf-style” weapons

At NO time is ammo allowed, on a person, in a weapon or in a magazine (unless approved in advance for a Masquerade or programming event in which case bonding ties will be removed for the event and replaced immediately afterward).

o Bows (again, crossbows are NOT allowed)

Arrows must be secured in such a manner as to be unable to be removed from their container and be secured by peace-bonding the same as all other weapons.

o All toy “sidearms” such as Sonic Screwdrivers, disruptors, phasers, Laser Tag pistols/rifles, laser pointers, lightsabers, or any other item that can project or emit light or sound shall be peace-bonded and remain in an appropriate holster at all times or held in an appropriate manner. Exemptions must be authorized by qualified Convention personnel.

Special consideration will be granted by the MOD or a select designee to Merchants or Dealers who display or show for the purpose of sale. Any weapons removed from the Dealer’s Room will fall under the above guidelines.

No weapons are allowed in the lounges and restaurants open to the public. This policy complies with hotel policy and local, state, and federal laws.



BritCon wishes to provide an environment in which guests and attendees feel they can safely interact. As of July 2022, Washington State, specifically King and Snohomish counties, have higher COVID-19 infection and death rates than the national average, and higher rates than they were at this time last year. We are mindful that many individuals in our community have compromised health. Therefore, we have implemented the following vaccination, testing, and masking requirements.

Attendees of BritCon 2022 must provide proof of vaccination or a negative lab test done within 48 hours of the start of the convention (Friday, August 5th, 6 pm). BritCon will not accept unmonitored home test results.

The following tests, with proper documentation, will be accepted. They are reasonably priced and provide fast results.

In addition, BritCon requires that masks be worn while in any convention space (with limited exceptions). Masks must be worn properly, covering both nose and mouth, and may be:

• KN95 masks or equivalent without valves

• Medical-grade masks

• Fabric masks with a minimum of two layers

Bandanas, gaiters, mesh masks, and single layer fabric masks will not be accepted. While face shields may be worn, they are not acceptable substitutes for a mask.

Exceptions include:

• While actively eating or drinking

• While participating in photographs, with all participants agreeing

• When on a panel, with agreement of all panel members

• Masquerade contestants (while on stage)

Guidelines and requirements may be subject to change.


Washington State Law states that smoking is prohibited within a presumptively reasonable minimum distance of 25 feet from entrances, exits, windows that open, and ventilation intakes that serve an enclosed area where smoking is prohibited to ensure that tobacco smoke does not enter the area through entrances, exits, open windows, or other means. Smoking areas at the hotel are clearly marked. Please ask the Front Desk for locations of designated outdoor smoking areas.


Only service animals are allowed in BritCon function space. Contact the hotel for their rules about animals in guest rooms and public hotel areas.


Flyers may not be posted on hotel walls, windows, or doors. Check with the Convention Office or Info Desk for acceptable locations. The hotel and/or the convention will remove any flyers found in unauthorized places.