Day 3

Sunday August 7, 2022

Main Stage:

10am: Count Rostov Interview with Q&A

Panelists: Count Rostov, Zamesta Cosplay

10:30am- Tea Dueling: Round Two

Come try to win this round of Tea Dueling. Dunk a tea biscuit. Try to get the entire thing in your mouth faster than your competitor! Top winner moves onto the final round during closing ceremonies.

Panelists: Lady M

11am: Paul McGann Interview with Q&A

Panelists: Paul McGann, Ken Deep

12pm: Companions: Yee Jee Tso and Daphne Ashbrook Interview with Q&A

Panelists: Yee Jee Tso, Daphne Ashbrook, Crystal Connors

1pm: JJ LeHay and Avenue Who Interview with Q&A

Panelists: JJ LeHay and the Wholigans of Avenue Who, Dawn Shaw

2pm: Eric Roberts and Eliza Roberts Interview with Q&A

Panelists: Eric Roberts, Eliza Roberts, Jeremy Radick

3pm: Doctor Who: The Movie (with Paul McGann Commentary)

Watch Doctor Who: The Movie, with Paul McGann giving a live commentary.

Panelists: Paul McGann

5pm: Closing Ceremony and Final Round of Tea Dueling

Panelists: Lady M

Boardroom 2

10am: Cosplay Creation Q&A: From Design to Finished

Learn how to get started with cosplay. Get your questions answered to how to reach the finished costume you desire.

Panelists: J Tullos Hennig / Talulah J. Sullivan, Zamesta Cosplay

11am: In Memoriam

In recent days, fans of British media have been rocked by the deaths of David Warner and Bernard Cribbins. Join us in remembering these two titans of British entertainment and celebrate their long and storied careers.

Panelists: Eric Gjovaag

12pm: Draw Star Wars with JAKe (Ticketed Event)

In this very interactive and lively workshop, JAKe will show you how to draw your favorite characters from the Star Wars universe, including droids, wookiees, bounty hunters, and more.

Panelists: JAKe

1pm: Whose Line is it Anyway

Hosted by our best stand-in for Clive Anderson. Four improv greats try their hand at

a series of games designed to entertain. Audience suggestions will be solicited.

Panelists: Marla, Eric Gjovaag

2pm: Doctor Who Actors and in Star Wars

Through the years there have been numerous actors and stunt performers who have appeared in both Doctor Who and Star Wars in all their incarnations, including the films, televisions series and animated movies and shows. Come and see who they are and the roles they played.

Panelists: Dragonmar

3pm: Everyone Loves a British Mystery

What do we love about British Mysteries? Why do we feel drawn to it? Why don’t we feel this same draw to homegrown mysteries?

Panelists: Marla, J Tullos Hennig / Talulah J. Sullivan, Dragonmar


10am: Uniquely British Shows That Don’t Translate Well Outside of Britain

Why do some shows do poorly outside of British settings?

Panelists: Keith Tyler, Mark Sebring, Ryan K. Johnson, Shaylee

11am: Cosability: Managing Cosplay with Different Abilities

What does it take to create fun costumes, or compete in competitions when you have a disability? What is the best way to be an ally? Join us and have these questions and more answered by our knowledgeable panelists!

Panelists: Zamesta Cosplay

1pm: Professor Bernice Summerfield

Looking back at 30 years of Bernice Summerfield: in print, on audio and more - from her POV.

Panelists: Dancin' Dan, Dragonmar

2pm: The Seventh Doctor and Ace

Looking back at 35 years of The Seventh Doctor and Ace: on television, on audio and in print - from their POV.

Panelists: Dancin' Dan, Dragonmar, Charles Martin

3pm: Total Perspective Vortex:

The More Than Complete History of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

Panelists: Dancin' Dan, Charles Martin, Shaylee

Redmond- Games

12pm: Open Games- 3pm