Paul McGann

“I’m a Doctor. Though, probably not the one you were expecting.” This immortal line from The Night of The Doctormarked Paul McGann’s unexpected and unannounced return to a role that made him famous across the world. This movie served as the prequel to the show's 50th anniversary.

Born in 1959, Paul is a familiar face on British television and in film, rising to prominence as the infamous deserter and criminal Percy Toplis in the BBC’s classic drama series The Monocled Mutineer (1986). In the same year, he appeared opposite Richard E. Grant as Marwood in Withnail and I - a movie that's since achieved cult status and spawned its own drinking game!

In 1995 he appeared alongside his three brothers (Mark, Joe and Stephen) in the historical drama The Hanging Gale, where they played four siblings in a harrowing story set during the Irish Famine.

Paul is probably best known around the world for his role as The Doctor in Doctor Who - the worlds longest running television Scifi Series. Following the show's cancellation in 1989, Paul was unveiled in 1996 as the eighth Doctor in the BBC / Universal co-production of the television movie Doctor Who, which saw The Doctor battling against Eric Robert’s Master in San Francisco on the eve of the millennium.

While this was a one-off television event, Paul has continued to play The Doctor in the Big Finish range of audio adventures, and, in addition to his appearance in The Night of The Doctor, also made a cameo role in The Five(ish) Doctors, alongside other classic Doctors and a “whoniverse” of other Doctor Who stars.

He's also well known for his role as Mark North in Luthur, which ran for five seasons between 2010-2019.

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