Count Rostov

Count Rostov is the performing alter ego of Keith Errington, who is married to Lady M, aka The Gin Lady. Together, they'll bring British Steampunk Nobility to the Pacific Northwest!

Here are a few interesting things to know about Keith:

  • Involved in British steampunk for over ten years, he is the editor and publisher of SteamPaper, the email newsletter for UK steampunks and the organizer and host of Steampunks over Ether, a major online festival that ran over a weekend during the first year of the pandemic.

  • He has appeared at many steampunk festivals in the UK, doing hosting duties, and performing standup comedy as Count Rostov. He writes and performs an annual steampunk radio play, Rayguns in Aspic, which ropes in a cast of talented UK steampunks and performers. He’s also responsible for the Twitter account SteampunkRT, which retweets steampunk news from across the world.

  • A champion of steampunk artists, creators, makers, writers and performers, he also writes steampunk short stories and novels as Keith Errington, mostly set in the steampunk world of Hopeless, Maine, for which he recently hosted the online Voices of Hopeless, Maine festival. (Hopeless, Maine is the creation of graphic artist Tom Brown and writer Nimue Brown, published by Outland Entertainment in the US.)

  • Keith has been a host at several British Science Fiction events, including Science of the Time Lords, a major Gerry Anderson convention, and BritSciFi at the National Space Centre. Last year he co-hosted (with his wife, Lady M) an online version of BritSciFi for the National Space Centre.

  • His other claim to fame is as an actor, appearing in the UK hit comedy series The IT Crowd!

And finally, Keith blogs about marketing for a living and lives in the countryside, working in an office packed with some of his collection of board games, comics, and Lego.