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What’s on at the con...
If you’ve never been to a convention, then you might not know what to expect. We’re making Britcon 100% family friendly, and a safe space with zero tolerance. Our attendees welfare comes first, but in addition to looking after your welfare, we’re creating an amazing program of activities and attractions for you to be a part of including:

Meet the Guests -

In the coming months we’ll be revealing the identities of guests that you’ll be able to meet! In addition to meeting them, and purchasing signed prints, you’ll also be able to take part in a photoshoot with your favorite guests too! 

Props Displays and Workshops

An opportunity to marvel at props created and built by your fellow fans – The Doctors Tardis. Costume recreations. We’re also pleased to confirm that we’ll be joined by members of Project Dalek, giving you not only the opportunity to see how they create their incredible creations, but also to meet the dreaded Daleks themselves! 

Marketplace Room

Here you’ll find all manner of vendors selling not only merchandise related to British TV and movies too, but also cool merch across the fantasy, scifi and craft genres too! 

Games Room

A chance to play opposite your fellow fans and celebrate classic British gaming!

Artists Alley

A place to meet various artists and creators – home grown local talent! It’s your chance to check out their work and purchase their creations – paintings, models, carvings, handiwork, books, comics, jewelry, and so much more!

Panels and Discussions

This is where you’ll be able to join a discussion group with like-minded fans, led by three or four experts, on a variety of subjects. Panels can range from "Classic British Films" to "Is Time Travel Possible” alongside "The real story of Sherlock Holmes", to "What does it take to be a Doctor Who Companion". These discussions tend to be spirited and lively. We’re working on a whole range of programming topics, so keep an eye on the website in the coming months and take part! (And if theres a burning topic you want to suggest, why not post on your facebook page and let us know!


People dress up in costume as their favorite characters from a TV show, movie, comic, video game, or whatever else. Bring your camera, because there will be many that you'll want a picture of (just ask first, though they usually say 'yes'). There will be Cosplay Workshops too, so if you’ve never cosplayed before, you’ll be able to learn from your fellow fans all the tricks and tips you’ll need to create the perfect cosplay!

Evening Events

While it is still too early in our own planning to give details of what we might organize, you should plan to enjoy some fun evening entertainments at Britcon including BritPop – featuring your favorite British pop classics, and a Masquerade party too!

Meet your fellow Fans -

This is what a convention is really all about. Hanging out with people that enjoy the same things you do! When you go off for lunch or dinner, grab a drink at the bar or just take a coffee break inbetween panels, there are always friendly people to talk to and connect with. By the time Britcon ends, you will leave with more friends than you started with – guaranteed!