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The Seattle-based Northwest Science Fiction Society has been serving the needs of the science fiction community in the Pacific Northwest since 1978. Our members can be found in numerous states plus Canada. Though oriented towards literary forms of science fiction, the interests of our members cover all aspects of the field and we reflect their diversity. Whether you are a reader, dreamer, media fan, professional, or just like science fiction in all its forms, there is something for you.


One of Western Washington's great "Doctor Who" meeting-and-eating groups!
If you enjoy Doctor Who, then you are a fan of very good taste.
And we Androgums enjoy fans of very good taste


Norwescon is the Pacific Northwest’s premier science fiction and fantasy convention, and one of the largest entirely volunteer-operated regional conventions in the United States. While maintaining a primarily literary focus, Norwescon is large enough to provide a venue for many of the other aspects of science fiction and fantasy and the interests of its fans such as comics, costuming, art, gaming, science, technology, and much, much more.



Please mark your calendar for September 24 through 26 of 2021. It has been our hope that by July, the worst of this pandemic will be behind us and we can move forward with a better 3rd quarter of 2021, and it has happened.





Society of the Rusting TARDIS:  Seattle's oldest "Doctor Who" fan club was formed in 1985 and still meets regularly to watch the best of British television every 1st, 4th & 5th Wednesday of the month at Razzi's Pizza, 8523 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103


Attention! Crypticon Seattle is very pleased to announce we are moving forward with our previously tentative dates of August 27th–29th and per state guidelines this will be a “fully vaccinated event.” Yes, Crypticon is happening this year and yes, our celebrity guest will be attending as well. 



We are bidding to host 82nd Worldcon in Glasgow in August 2024. Glasgow is a vibrant city filled with science fiction, fantasy and inventiveness. Our chosen venue is the Scottish Event Campus. Decision whether we will become a seated Worldcon will be made next year during Chicon 8 in Chicago. We will be delighted to talk to everyone about our bid, Glasgow and Worldcons in general. 



We are bidding for Seattle to be the site of the 2025 WorldCon!

Seattle has a long history of fandom and fannish activity. The Pacific Northwest Region supports several long running conventions including Norwescon, Orycon, and Rustycon.