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BritCon 2022 Programming Schedule

Friday August 5, 2022

Main Stage:

6pm- Opening Ceremony

Meet our guests and staff, and help us launch our event!

8pm- Doctor Who: The Movie (with Paul McGann Commentary)

Watch Doctor Who: The Movie, with Paul McGann giving a live commentary.

Secondary Stage

7pm- Muppet Trivia

JJ LeHay will quiz you on Muppet facts. Did you know The Muppet Show was filmed in England?

King County

8pm- Celebrating 45 Years of Leela, K-9, and Jago & Litefoot

Remember Saturday Teatime in 1977? What have Leela, K-9, and Jago & Litefoot been doing since then?

Boardroom 2

7pm- How to Start a Fan Based Crafting Business

Learn how others have started their fan based businesses, how they survived the recent pandemic, and how you can succeed at this kind of business or side hustle.

8pm- Open Crafting

Bring your projects and socialize.


7pm- Everyone Loves a British Mystery

What do we love about British Mysteries? Why do we feel drawn to them? Why don’t we feel this same draw to homegrown mysteries?

8pm- Filk



Saturday August 6, 2022

Main Stage:

10am- Phill Segal Q&A

11am- Avenue Who’s JJ LeHay Q&A

12pm- JAKe Q&A

1pm- Doctor Who Movie Reunion Q&A

Meet several of the actors from the Doctor Who Movie, together again for the first time since it first aired in 1996.

3pm- Doctor Who Am I: Documentary Showing

4:30pm- Documentary Q&A

5:30pm- History of Gin

7pm- Cosplay Contest

8pm- Whose Line is it Anyway

Hosted by our best stand-in for Clive Anderson. Four improv greats try their hand at

a series of games designed to entertain. Audience suggestions will be solicited.

Secondary Stage

3pm- Tea Dueling: Round One

Try to win this round of Tea Dueling. Dunk a tea biscuit. Try to get the entire thing in your mouth faster than your competitor! Top winner moves onto the final round during closing ceremonies.

7pm- QI

Quite Interesting Game

King County

11am- She’s Got It, Mate: The Powerful Women of Doctor Who

From companions to PM's, Doctor Who has given us a universe of empowered female characters.

12pm- How to Build a Dalek

Presentation and Q&A regarding the construction of replica Dalek props based on the ones from Doctor Who.

3pm- The Doctor Is In: The Current State of Doctor Who

Doctor Who is now bigger than ever, except that it's not. It's strong in the ratings, and in danger of being canceled. Who is right, who is wrong, and who is clueless? This is a pivotal time for the show, so our panel looks at what's happening with the show right now, how things look for the near future, and the stories that you should just ignore.

4pm- Doctor Who Actors In Star Wars

Through the years there have been numerous actors and stunt performers who

have appeared in both Doctor Who and Star Wars in all their incarnations,

including the films, television series, and animated movies and shows. Come

and learn who they are and the roles they played.

5pm- Doctor Who in Seattle

Doctor Who has a long history in Western Washington, stretching as far back as the 1980s. Our panel will look back on local fandom and fan groups, and how the show has been presented on local television. Plus, tales from conventions and other events.

6pm- Doctor Who: Lost and Found

Many of the earliest episodes of Doctor Who were, for a variety of reasons, destroyed by the BBC, never to be seen again—or so they thought! Learn about why early episodes were destroyed or lost, how some came back or were recreated, and the further efforts to bring back early lost "Doctor Who" stories.

7pm- Clara Oswald: Looking Back and Beyond

Looking back at 10 years of Clara Oswald: on television, on audio, and in print - from her POV.

8pm- Victoria Waterfield: Looking Back & Beyond

Celebrating 55 years of Victoria Waterfield's adventures: on television, on audio, and 66in print.

9pm- The Fifth Doctor

A look back at 40 years of adventures for the Fifth Doctor: on television, on audio, and in print - from his POV.

Boardroom 2

10am- Make and Take Earrings

Make Gallifreyan earrings, Sonic Screwdriver earrings, or Steampunk Dangle Earrings with Lady M.

11am- 12pm- Draw Star Wars with JAKe (Ticketed Event)

In this very interactive and lively workshop, JAKe will show you how to draw your favorite characters from the Star Wars universe, including Droids, Wookiees, Bounty Hunters, and more.

12pm- Cosplay Creation Q&A: From Design to Finished

Learn how to get started with cosplay. Get your questions answered to how to reach the finished costume you desire.

3pm- Writing Workshop

This is an interactive workshop where Frog, Esther, and the audience take a novel idea and convert it to something that makes sense on paper. Participants will plan a scifi/fantasy novel with the authors-- from finding the characters, and story questions, to pushing through the muddy middle, to delivering that final climactic punch.

5pm: Better Than Smeg: The Enduring Legacy of British Sci-Fi Comedy

From Red Dwarf to Time Bandits, british sci-fi comedy is examined and celebrated. Who said science fiction couldn't also be silly?

6pm: All Creatures Great and Small

There have been many incarnations of this beloved world. Come discuss what has happened and the future of this continually retold set of tales.

7pm- "Death of the Author"

How do you handle a story you love and an author you don’t?

8pm- Good Omens

What Gave us this wonderful story and characters?

9pm- Downtown Abbey

What is going on with this beloved show? A movie? Why is it so popular?


10am- Terry Pratchett’s Discworld Book Series

The Discworld book series by Terry Pratchett, have been loved for years and still get new fans every year. What are your favorites? Come and discuss this wonderful series and any of his other books, plus the adaptations that others have produced.

11am- 100 years of BBC

BBC started 100 years ago! What an adventure it has been.

12pm- Red Dwarf 101

Everything you wanted to know about British sci-fi comedy Red Dwarf, but were afraid to ask. From the AI, Holograms, Cosplay opportunities (Cat's magnificent outfits anyone?) to that amazing theme song, this panel covers it all!

3pm- Paranormal TV Shows

Explore the world of Paranormal television shows. What have the British been doing with this genre?

4pm- The Future of 007

Who should be cast as the next James Bond? Where does the franchise go after "No Time To Die" and Daniel Craig? Come argue with our panel of crack experts on these topics or anything else Bond.

5pm- Enchanted Isles: Geography Shapes British Myth and Legends

From the first boats that landed, Britain has been a place of sacred mysteries,

myths and legends. Geography, proximity and the many written accounts of

ancient travelers all spun the tales that became King Arthur, Robin Hood and

paved the way for modern classics such as Lord of the Rings.

6pm- Made In England: Films made in British Studios

What shows were made in British Studios? Some of the answers may surprise you!

7pm- How to Speak the Queen’s English: After Dark Edition

Anecdotes about the English Language. The less family friendly version!

8pm- Filk


10am- Film Festival- 9pm


4pm- Cosplay Contest Prejudging

8pm- Wine Reception- Ticketed event

10pm- British Ghost Stories with Lady M and Gin

Sunday August 7, 2022

Main Stage:

10am- Eric Roberts Keynote

11am- Paul McGann Keynote

12pm- Companions: Yee Jee Tso and Daphne Ashbrook Keynote

1pm- 8th Doctor Who Movie Trivia Game

Do you REALLY know the only canon Who film?

2pm- Count Rostov Keynote

4pm- Closing Ceremony and Final Round of Tea Dueling

Secondary Stage

11am- Just A Minute

"Just A Minute" is a staple of BBC radio. The game show has run since 1967 with the astonishingly simple premise that a player must talk for one minute on a given subject without hesitation, repetition, or deviating from the topic. Come see local fans try their hand at the game. You may even get an opportunity to try it yourself!

12pm- Differences in UK and US Versions of Shows

Why do they make UK and US versions of some shows? How do they defer? Which do we prefer?

1pm- Tea Dueling: Round Two

Come try to win this round of Tea Dueling. Dunk a tea biscuit. Try to get the entire thing in your mouth faster than your competitor! Top winner moves onto the final round during closing ceremonies.

King County

10am- Martha Jones: Looking Back and Beyond

Looking back at 15 years of Martha Jones: on television, on audio, and in print - from her POV.

11am- Doctor Who Spin Offs

12pm- The Master: The Incarnations Before and Ahead

A look at The Master's adventures: on television, on audio, and in print - from their POV.

1pm- Professor Bernice Summerfield

Looking back at 30 years of Bernice Summerfield: in print, on audio and more - from her POV.

2pm- The Seventh Doctor and Ace

Looking back at 35 years of The Seventh Doctor and Ace: on television, on audio and in print - from their POV.

Boardroom 2

10am- Pattern Alteration and Creation Q&A and Demo

Get your questions answered about pattern making and alteration. See a short demo as well.

11am- Cravat Pin or Brooch Workshop

Make a TARDIS galaxy cravat or brooch with Lady M.

12pm- Draw Star Wars with JAKe (Ticketed Event)

In this very interactive and lively workshop, JAKe will show you how to draw your favorite characters from the Star Wars universe, including droids, wookiees, bounty hunters, and more.

1pm- Stop Motion Animation for Anyone

Come learn the well loved craft of stop motion animation using common items and the smart and useful devices you use every day! Get started creating your first very short stop motion film. Bring your devices (tablet or smartphone) with you and be prepared to download some free apps.


10am- How to Write Time Travel Fiction

Have you ever wanted to write a time travel story but you were stuck in an infinite loop of procrastination and inspiration? Join time travel authors who can talk about the challenges, the rewards, the theories, and that frustrating moment when you curse your future self because they didn't use their time machine to go back in time and just give you a completed novel.

11am- Cosability: Managing Cosplay with Different Abilities

What does it take to create fun costumes, or compete in competitions when you

have a disability? What is the best way to be an ally? Join us and have these

questions and more answered by our knowledgeable panelists!

12pm- What is Going on with the ‘Harry Potter’ World Right Now?

Discuss the current movies, upcoming shows, and more.

1pm- Platinum: 70 Years of Queen Elizabeth on the Throne

What does the platinum anniversary mean for Queen Elizabeth and England?

2pm- Second Life and Celebrity Events: The story of interviewing Yee Jee Tso in a 3D world!

Yee Jee Tso has made many appearances on the online platform Second Life, appearing as a purple haired avatar who got stuck in that form since first signing on there to speak to his fans in 2016! Join the creator of these events as I discuss how to build Sci-Fi themed events on Second Life and how Yee Jee Tso's Second Life journey got started from his first appearance speaking to Whovians on microphone from inside a virtual re-creation of the 1996 TARDIS console to later online Sci-Fi convention and festival appearances!

3pm- Total Perspective Vortex: The More Than Complete History of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.


10am- Uniquely British Shows That Don’t Translate Well Outside of Britain

Why do some shows do poorly outside of British settings?

11am- Sherlock: What keeps us coming back for more?

Find out all that is going on with new and past Sherlock shows. This is an exciting world we can’t get enough of!

12pm- British Animation

There are so many animations we love that come from over the pond.

1pm- Our Favorite British Murders

Why are some British show murders more memorable than others?

2pm- Classic British Spies

Spy shows have become more and more popular over the decades. Discuss classic British spies.